Friday, July 6, 2012

mason bees

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about mason bees

Mason bees are great for the garden because they are pollinators.
We need more pollinators because bees are disappearing.  
Mason bees doo not make honey, 
but mason bees rarely sting.

how to make a mason bee home 
supplies you will need
12x4 wood

1. drill holes in the wood.
2. then paint wood and set to dry.
3. when dry put in your yard.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Snail and Slug Habitat

How to Make a Snail and Slug Habitat                                                                 

supplies you will need
 bag of pebbles
sticks, stones, and small plants
  snails and slugs

1. Put the pebbles in the terrarium until it is filled an inch.

2. Then put in the dirt. Put in about 2 inches. 

3. Then put in the water. Put in until it fills up the pebbles.

4. Then get sticks and stones and small plants to put in the terrarium.

5. Now put in the snails and slugs.

 6. To feed, give them vegetables and dead leaves and other plants.

 7. Now observe!